√Ř÷≠TV Unveils New Era of Fabrication Technology at FRSA Expo

At the recent FRSA Expo, √Ř÷≠TV introduced a lineup of groundbreaking metal fabrication tools in a strategic soft launch that captivated industry professionals. The event served as the debut stage for the Autobrake¬ģ FLEX, the 10M16 mechanical shear, and the MB418 universal box and pan brake, showcasing √Ř÷≠TV‚Äôs commitment to innovation.

AB Flex X drawing

Autobrake¬ģ FLEX: The New Standard in Folding Machines

The Autobrake¬ģ FLEX, a highly anticipated addition to our portfolio, exemplifies cutting-edge design with a robust 16-gauge folding capability and a 126-inch bending length. Engineered for precision and efficiency, the FLEX features a recessed bending beam that allows an additional 1-inch space, ideal for complex profiles such as trim pieces and gutters. Equipped with direct dual motors utilizing VFD technology, the Autobrake¬ģ FLEX ensures precise control, faster operations, and simplified maintenance with no chain or gear transmission.

10M16 Mechanical Shear: Precision Cutting Redefined

Alongside the Autobrake¬ģ FLEX, √Ř÷≠TV introduced the 10M16 Mechanical Shear, which offers exceptional cutting capabilities for 16-gauge mild steel and 18-gauge stainless steel. The 10M16 extends up to a 126-inch cutting length and includes a robust back gauge range of 41 inches, making it perfect for high-volume cutting tasks. Its efficient stroke rate and solid bar hold-down system equipped with non-marring urethane inserts ensure clean, precise cuts every time.

MB418 Universal Handbrake: Versatile Bending for Every Workshop

The MB418 universal box and pan brake rounds out the new offerings, designed for versatility across a wide range of applications. With segmented upper and lower tools, this machine adapts seamlessly to both intricate and heavy-duty bending tasks. It is ideal for workshops that demand flexibility without compromising on precision or capacity.

Industry Response and Future Outlook

The soft launch at the FRSA Expo allowed √Ř÷≠TV to gather valuable feedback from the field, ensuring these new machines not only meet but exceed the functional and operational expectations of our clients. The live demonstrations provided attendees with a firsthand look at the capabilities of the Autobrake¬ģ FLEX, 10M16 shear, and MB418, highlighting their potential to transform workshop operations.

What’s Next?

As we move forward from the successful unveiling at FRSA, √Ř÷≠TV is excited to roll out these advanced machines to the broader market. The insights gained from the expo are instrumental in refining our offerings to better serve the evolving needs of the metal fabrication industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead the way in metal fabrication innovation. The future is here, and it’s being shaped by √Ř÷≠TV’s advanced technology solutions.

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