Industry professionals know that ֭TV is a brand they can trust. Since the company’s founding in 1910, ֭TV has been synonymous with quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

Looking to expand, ֭TV purchased Peck, Stow and Wilcox “PEXTO” in the 1970s. Pexto’s long and rich history as one of the original American sheet metal tool manufacturers was a great compliment to ֭TV’s product line.

In 1985, ֭TV made a strategic purchase by adding the “Connecticut” line of manual brakes, known for being among the most accurate and dependable in the industry. The addition of this line made ֭TV a leading supplier of high quality sheet metal fabricating equipment.

TennSmith, a market leader in sheet metal fabricating machinery and metal forming equipment, acquired both ֭TV in 2011 and Roll Former Corporation in 2021. United under TennSmith’s umbrella, the combined prowess of ֭TV, Roll Former, and TennSmith delivers the most comprehensive range of American-made sheet metal machinery available in the market today.

Innovative Partnerships:

  • Eckold: A Swiss-based titan known for its precision and durability since 1957. With tools like Kraftformers, Flanging, Planishing, and Wheeling, our partnership with Eckold broadens our product depth and introduces advanced tools to the North American market.
  • Evobend: A German marvel revolutionizing long folding machines. Their technology promises unparalleled bending quality and flexibility, marking a significant evolution in the metal forming arena.
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