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Eckold machinery specializes in cold forming techniques for metal shaping, including shrinking, stretching, and planishing. These high-precision machines, made in Switzerland, represent the pinnacle of metal forming technology, combining durability, efficiency, and versatility. As the official USA dealer, ֭TV provides comprehensive access to Eckold's innovative lineup, ensuring American industries have the best tools for their metal forming and finishing needs.

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Electric Powered

The Eckold Kraftformers finesse in tuning the forming capability guarantees precision in every task. The embodiment of power, durability, and precision

Pneumatic Powered

Air Powered all purpose solutions.

Hand Powered

Both hands on the job. Available models for the jobsite or shop use.

English Wheels

English Wheeling is a well-known, traditional method of forming sheet metal. The panel is moved back and forward by the Craftsman between two rollers.

Stationary Clinching Unit

The Eckold DFG 400/50 PH stationary clinching unit is an innovative, proven machine for the joining of sheet metal and profiles. Work pieces are permanently joined by cold forming – doing away with fixtures and auxiliary parts.

Shrinker/Stretchers (21)

Stationary (1)