Introducing the √Ř÷≠TV AB1212K Autobrake‚ÄĒa game-changer in precision sheet metal bending. This robust 12-foot, 12 gauge bending machine is engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in fabrication processes.

Equipped with a rotating Kombi beam, the AB1212K offers enhanced versatility, allowing for the production of complex shapes with ease and speed. Its 6.3″ quick-change Kombi box tooling, precision-ground and laser-hardened to 60, ensures impeccable results every time.

Designed for speed and precision, the AB1212K incorporates servo-driven backgauge systems for accurate part positioning, with options for expandable extensions to accommodate large workpieces.

Furthermore, its rigid construction includes manual crowning adjustments, guaranteeing accurate bending even in the face of material stresses. From closing hems to handling max capacity forming operations, the AB1212K excels across a wide range of materials, ensuring consistent quality in every bend.

Experience the future of precision fabrication with the √Ř÷≠TV AB1212K Autobrake.

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